Shielding Proves a Winning Strategy for Rapid and Effective Web Application Security

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Coalfire, a leading global cyber risk assessment and testing firm, today released the results of an independent evaluation of RedShield Security, LLC.’s web application shielding services

DENVER, CO – November 30, 2017 – As part of its expansion efforts into global markets, the award-winning, New Zealandbased cybersecurity firm RedShield commissioned Coalfire, Inc. to perform a technical review and efficacy test of RedShield’s shielding services. Coalfire, in its efforts to ascertain the shielding service’s speed and effectiveness at protecting web applications, performed a technical review and extensive penetration testing against applications protected by RedShield.

The assessment tested RedShield’s solution with vulnerable web applications running insecure services in representative realworld scenarios. The independent test verified that the RedShield service was not only rapid and simple for customers to deploy, but also effective at stopping attacks against network, application, system, and business logic vulnerabilities.

Key findings from the report include:

•The RedShield solution was able to effectively block all OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities.
•RedShield’s product and associated services protect against vulnerabilities that WAFs alone cannot protect against.
•No expert knowledge for configuration was required on the customer side.
•The time to shield each issue was between several minutes to several hours.
•The RedShield solution is a viable alternative to fixing application code.

RedShield is expanding its operations beyond its founding regions of Australia and New Zealand. In 2017 RedShield opened its US headquarters in Denver, CO and has grown its data center footprint to include three US cities. RedShield now has active data centers serving the US-West region in Los Angeles and San Jose, CA, and US-East being served out of Washington D.C.

Web application shielding takes aim at rapidly fixing vulnerabilities of all types and targets 100% mitigation of any known vulnerability. The RedShield shielding service protects customers using a suite of security tools and application-specific shielding objects. The service is delivered via a cloud platform that is fully managed and operated by security experts and is governed by mature security practices. Shielding protections can be deployed in 24 hours or less and can perform not only binary actions such as allowing or blocking application requests, but shielding objects can also rewrite any request or response in the application traffic flow. With request and response rewrite capabilities along with full application state tracking, chained, multi-step attacks and application business logic flaws can be shielded.

For a complete list of findings, download the Coalfire report:
RedShield – Security Analysis White Paper

About RedShield Security
Founded, owned and operated by an experienced team of penetration testers and security technologists, RedShield is challenging the status quo of secure software and code remediation by combining web application shielding micro-services and expert security operations services. RedShield secures vulnerable applications, lowers costs, and decreases time-to-market.

RedShield is the recipient of multiple 2017 NZ Hi-Tech awards. Receiving the awards for ‘Most Innovative Hi-Tech Software Product’ and for ‘Most Innovative Hi-Tech Service.’
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