New Zealand

April 2019

RedShield Services Achieve TaaS Security Certification

DIA approves Security Certification of the RedShield TaaS service

DIA as the Lead Agency for Telecommunications as a Service and its role as the TaaS Certification Authority, has approved the Security Certification of the RedShield TaaS service for 3 years.

RedShield Security, a global cybersecurity company currently provide Application Publishing protection services to a number of NZ Government Agencies at RESTRICTED and below, as defined in the NZ SIS Protective Security Requirements.

TaaS Security Certification is based on an assessment of risk, and asserts that RedShield's TaaS service provides appropriate controls to ensure NZ Information Security Manual (NZISM) security requirements are met and that a comprehensive independent evaluation and service audit has been conducted. Certification to this level is evidence that due consideration is paid by RedShield to solution risk, security assurance, and functionality, and that these elements are a fundamental part of the information systems governance and assurance activities in the organisation.

This Certification is seen by RedShield as a critical accomplishment and provides clients confidence that within RedShield information, and its associated technology, are well-managed and that risks are properly identified and mitigated and that governance responsibilities are suitably performed.

RedShield are immensely proud of this achievement, are fully committed to maintaining this Certified status through the annual independent assurance process and believe that it ably demonstrates the credibility and effectiveness of their information assurance and governance processes.

About RedShield
RedShield were founded by, and continue to be owned and operated by an experienced team of penetration testers and security technologists, RedShield are challenging the status quo of secure software and code remediation by combining web application shielding micro-services and expert security operations services.

About the PSR
The Protective Security Requirements (the PSR) outlines the NZ government’s expectations for security governance and for personnel, information, and physical security. It details the mandatory requirements that mandated government agencies must follow and other organisations should consider as best practice.

About the NZISM
The New Zealand Information Security Manual (NZISM) is the New Zealand Governments manual on information assurance and information systems security. The NZISM is an integral part of the Protective Security Requirements (PSR) framework which sets out the New Zealand Government's expectations for the management of personnel, information and physical security as directed by cabinet.