RedShield Announces Technical Advisory Board

RedShield is very excited to announce the appointment of global heavy-weights to our Technical Advisory Board.

Photo of Jeremiah Grossman

Jeremiah Grossman needs no introduction. CEO at BitDiscovery, previously Chief of Security Strategy (SentinelOne), Professional Hacker, Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Off-Road Race Car Driver, Founder of WhiteHat Security, and Maui resident.

Photo of Robert Hansen

Robert Hansen (aka RSnake) is the CTO at BitDiscovery and is a hardened cyber-security researcher and ethical hacker. If you haven't stumbled over "rsnake's XSS cheatsheet" then you haven't been trying to code secure web-apps, or poke holes in them.

Photo of Philippe Langlois

Philippe Langlois, Founder and CEO of P1 Security in France, and previously the Founder and CTO of Qualys and Worldnet (one of France's first public ISPs). Philippe has lived penetration testing, vulnerability scanning, cyber-defence and telco all his life.

This is the first round of global masters that we're bringing to our Technical Advisory Board.

Their role is simple:

1) firstly challenge our technology and service until they're convinced it is an effective alternative to code fixes.
2) continuously challenge our strategy and drive our innovation
3) continuously challenge their sphere of influence, and drive the adoption of application shielding as a widespread security control, for rapidly mitigating known and unknown web-app and API risks.

The RedShield team are looking forward to working with such world-class experts, redefining the scope of what CISOs and developer teams can expect from the best managed security controls.