Case studies

To understand how RedShield might be able to assist with your AppSec requirements, explore some of our successes that map to your requirements.

Brazilian Crime Syndicate Cardwashing Attack

THE SITUATION As a payment transaction company processing millions of commercial transactions each day, ensuring the security of payment data is a fundamental business requirement. Cybercrime involving fraud, specifically payment card fraud has increased dramatically,...

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Securing A 3rd Party Web App That Can’t Be Touched

THE SITUATION A government agency had an old web application that was delivering core service capability. Although functionally adequate a routine security audit revealed significant short comings. Listed within the findings was that communication with the application...

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Securing Web Applications Running On Windows Server 200x

THE SITUATION A university with a large public web application perimeter had a number of old web applications running on legacy windows server infrastructure. Updating applications and upgrading infrastructure was well underway, however the work had to be staged given...

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Changing App Logic To Address A Password Reuse Attack

THE SITUATION Late one afternoon, it became apparent that customers of a loyalty card service were being targeted by password reuse attacks and customer reward points used to fraudulently acquire iPhones and other assets. Given the nature of the service, both stopping...

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