RedShield and Virtis Announce Strategic Cybersecurity Solutions Global Partnership

Today RedShield announces a global reseller agreement with Virtis-US LLC. Under the agreement, application security experts Virtis, will supply the complete RedShield service offering to their global enterprise customer base. Both RedShield and Virtis offer the highest caliber of industry expertise in the protection of critical national infrastructure, cybersecurity operations, and international government intelligence.

“RedShield is the perfect complement to our application security portfolio,” says Joel Schluter, Chief Technology Officer, Virtis. “Our customers already benefit from micro segmentation and anomaly detection, adding RedShield services to shield customer applications is a logical extension,” he explains.

"Cybersecurity is a people problem," says Michelle Wilner, Chief Executive Officer, Virtis "The key is to not just protect apps from hackers, but to employ the best talent in the industry running a highly organized and structured operation and RedShield employs some of the best, most experienced cybersecurity talent in the world.”

Through RedShield, Virtis customers can first secure their hosted web applications. Experts continually monitor vulnerability & threat intel feeds and logs, ‘000s of generic shields are deployed and tuned with weekly audits. Correlated SIEM and portal data is always available plus management reports are delivered monthly.

On top of this firm vulnerability management foundation, RedShield embraces the AppSec model to address application specific vulnerabilities. Once application specific vulnerabilities have been discovered, they can be given to RedShield for mitigation. Since RedShield is able to rewrite application requests and responses whilst maintaining application state, RedShield can solve problems previously considered only possible in the source code itself.

According to the company, RedShield allows rapid, pragmatic shielding of detected application flaws without direct software remediation.

Virtis customers can leverage RedShield for short-term shielding of applications that need to meet in-service or audit deadlines where existing software dev teams are constrained. Customers can also use RedShield for outsourced mature risk management to meet legal and regulatory requirements.

“Most of our target customers already get Pen Testing done on their key public facing apps, but then often struggle to address the findings rapidly, especially with older code and third-party components where they don’t have control over Software Development,” says Andy Prow, CEO RedShield Security. “With RedShield they have another option.” Prow says Virtis was selected due to its experience and focus in application and server security solutions. “Virtis already sells a complementary set of tools, but more importantly agrees with RedShield's premise that making those tools sing with experts and mature process is really key,” he adds. “We are excited to see what we can do together.”

About RedShield

Founded in 2009, RedShield is the world's first Cloud Solution to target complete vulnerability mitigation without touching customer source code. Focused on mitigation vulnerability findings, as opposed to building generic defenses, RedShield's Software With-a-Service solution has networks and customers spanning New Zealand, Australia, Europe and the United States. We protect thousands of high-profile public and private sector web applications from cyber security threats and data breaches, whilst extending the life of their current applications and allowing them to meet new application launch dates and pass audits.

About Virtis-US

Virtis is a full-service, woman-owned consultancy firm providing strategic roadmaps, superior technology and support services to some of today’s most technically advanced organizations. Starting in Auckland, NZ in 2008, Virtis is an internationally recognized leader in infrastructure advisory specializing in developing secure, independent, highly efficient data centers for critical business infrastructure. Virtis increased its world class offering by incorporating a full spectrum of globally unique cyber security solutions and strategically decided to expand into the United States.

With many years of combined talent, Virtis successfully provides differentiation and a competitive advantage by utilizing world class expertise, being early adaptors of leading edge patented technologies and unparalleled customer service.