Taking on the challenges no one else will.


Every organisation is dependent on applications to get things done. These incredibly complex ecosystems provide enormous benefits in terms of speed and reliability but introduce potential ways that risk can be introduced.

RedShield provides a unique solution to this problem. Our Shielding process modifies the way applications work at a technical level, without compromising their functionality. We keep you safe, and we keep you working.

Security challenges

Challenge #1 | De-Risking digital transformation

The pace of digital transformation has increased dramatically in the past few years. Innovative and rapid product developments are facilitated through the adoption of initiatives like CI/CD and DevOps. The trade-off though, is that security concerns are addressed late in the process, meaning that even at the final hour a release might be delayed or derailed entirely, undermining the reason for the adoption of the new paradigm in the first place, or even released with potential vulnerabilities lurking just beneath the surface.

Challenge #2 | Preventing incidents

How many application defects are in your risk register and the development backlog of your teams? These apps are already in production exposing you to unnecessary risk, or are being held up in their release because of these defects costing time and resources. Your only options are to wilfully accept the risk, spend the efforts to re-write it, disable some functions, or even the entire app. Until now.

Challenge #3 | Provide clarity on real risks

While RedShield are looking after your organisation, it still helps to understand where the risks lie. Our dashboards and reporting provide the information you need without the overwhelm, and show you exactly the attacks and attackers we’ve stopped. And you’ll always have the supported of our team of experienced penetration testers and security technologists .

Challenge #4 | Maintaining functionality while staying secure

It’s easy to stay secure when you shut down all the functionality that keeps your business going. It’s easy for your apps to stay functional and compatible when you’re forced to turn off security protections due to poor management and false positives. This makes bypasses that much easier, and negates the investments you’ve already made.

Solving these problems can take months or even years. With RedShield, it can literally take minutes.

Using Shields 

Why Shields are used

With RedShield active, organisations can meet stringent compliance requirements like PCI-DSS, HIPPA, and Basel if there are issues. Our Shields provide protection for findings when you’ve failed a penetration test, a bug bounty has uncovered something, or you’ve identified a flaw in how data can be created, stored, or changed. Solving these problems can take months or even years. With RedShield, it can literally take minutes.

What can use Shielding

Every modern business relies on applications – sometimes hundreds. Invariably, these portals, intranets, extranets, web apps, public and private APIs all rely on the push and pull of data to present and trade information to your staff, partners, and customers. Many of your applications rely on third-parties to work with this data, and we can help there too. Whatever types of information your applications are moving, RedShield can protect them and your business without even changing or accessing the source code.

How Shields are deployed

The way we integrate is transparent to your organisation. As soon as we start working with you, we identify issues and implement Shields from our proprietary library. These modify the behaviours of your exploitable applications, making any vulnerabilities vanish. Our industry-leading, upstream security solutions then block any offenders, and our continual audits keep your everything up to date and 100% functional.

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