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Every organisation is dependent on applications to get things done. These incredibly complex ecosystems provide enormous benefits in terms of speed and reliability but introduce potential ways that risk can be introduced.

RedShield provides a unique solution to this problem. Our Shielding process modifies the way applications work at a technical level, without compromising their functionality.


We keep you safe, and we keep you working.

How Shielding helps

1—Rapid incident response​

If you have been hacked and need rapid mediation and best practise protection before you can go back online – we can achieve this in hours or days, not weeks, months or years.

2—Extend application life​

Whether it is months or years, we buy you the time to replace apps when the business case is appropriate, not dictated by security defects and risks. You’re safe until you’re ready to change.

3—Meet deadlines

With product launches and compliance deadlines, failure is not an option. We improve development speed and help you meet compliance obligations while being more secure.

4—Defer patches and upgrades

Upgrading requires substantial resources and can have unforeseen knock-on effects, potentially critically impacting your business. You can ignore them while keeping your business secure.

5—Effective vulnerability management

The majority of breaches are caused by just 3% of vulnerabilities. Our risk-based management system is able to address all known ones immediately, and respond to new threat in near real time.

6—Lower security costs

The tools and team required to run an effective 24/7 operation are incredibly expensive. We manage these for you at a lower price-point and provide an already proven operation to keep you safe and able to work.

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Different industries, different risks

Every industry faces its own unique challenges. RedShield understands the security risks you face and the nuances in the required approach.


The healthcare industry is under constant pressure from threat actors, and also has some of the more rigorous compliance challenges.

Improving The Public Ranking In Health Companies Security Report

THE SITUATION A health care company was embarking on a company wide digital transformation program to achieve service delivery efficiencies and to rebrand in as tech lead. Performing this securely was not negotiable, but to build it into a brand dimension that could be externally communicated, they embraced a range of national audit reports that […] Read case study


From federal, to state, to local, the threats to government are unceasing and often executed by nation states. How do you guard against attacks?

Securing A 3rd Party Web App That Can’t Be Touched

THE SITUATION A government agency had an old web application that was delivering core service capability. Although functionally adequate a routine security audit revealed significant short comings. Listed within the findings was that communication with the application was only implemented in clear text over http and not encrypted over https. Normally this would be a […] Read case study

Banking & finance

The banking & finance sector is one of the most highly targeted for obvious reasons, and the attacks are becoming more sophisticated.

Equifax Breach Timeline

Mega-Breach discovered July 2017 September 2017 Equifax disclosed a mega-breach of its systems, carried out though exploitation of a web application, which leaked the personal records (Names, Date Of Birth, Credit Card #’s, Social Security #’s, Drivers License #’s, home address, etc…) of over 145M US residents and 400K Brits. On Mar 6th, Apache announced […] Read case study

How we engage

How do we define and implement our solutions?


How does our proprietary Shielding work? How can unique pieces of compiled code effectively erase the existence of any vulnerabilities in your applications?

Service models

How do we go about protecting your organisation? What is our approach to ensure that your applications and your business are optimally protected?

Real world illustrations—our case studies

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