Healthcare is one of the most 

targeted industries by hackers

It’s also experiencing constant change. How do you stay safe?


Our proprietary Shields are unique pieces of compiled code that effectively erase the existence of any vulnerabilities in your applications.

Service models

How do we go about protecting your organisation? We have a multi-prong approach to ensure that your applications are optimally protected.

Rapid change means more opportunity for hackers

Application security is hard for organisations. The healthcare industry is moving at such a pace that it’s even harder.

Security breaches in the healthcare industry result in billions of dollars of damage to the and a high personal cost to individuals whose identifiable and private information is unprotected.

Compliance measures like HIPAA and HITECH are meant to regulate and protect the confidentiality of personal information in such systems against breaches. Often, they are treated as chores or just boxes needing to be checked.

RedShield makes compliance simple for the health sector and provides real security for your applications.

How RedShield helped a large healthcare provider become No.1 

A healthcare company was embarking on a company-wide digital transformation program to achieve service delivery efficiencies and to position itself as a true innovator.
After an extensive audit by RedShield, we implemented a custom Shielding plan, and won the first issued score of 10 from riskrecon – an industry-leading risk assessment company.

With RedShield engaged, the following benefits were achieved:


  • Brand improvement as a responsible and innovative provider that leads the industry in security
  • Ability to wrap applications and move them to lower cost cloud platforms safely
  • CI/CD pipelines can maintain cadence without distracting developers on urgent security requirements
  • Applications that have completed functional development can have development cycles safely extended

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