RedShield’s globally distributed edge network mitigates threats at source

RedShield’s world-class system architecture, in concert with our global ecosystem of provider networks, has protected our customers from some of the world’s largest and most sustained attacks.



RedShield services are peered with over 1500 carriers globally, giving you unparalleled global coverage.


Data centres

RedShield can deploy advanced application shielding to over 180 datacenters, across the world’s largest cloud service provider networks.


Tbps capacity

Partnering with 2 of the worlds top 5 hyperscale scrubbing providers, we have over 12 Tbps of scrubbing capacity.


Managed protection

Our expert team provide a fully managed 24/7 risk reduction service. Offering a full suite of protection, our team proactively maintain systems and monitor and analyse threats for you.

RedShield’s significant network and system architecture helps to improve performance, availability, and resilience of your business-critical applications. With attacks growing in size and complexity, we continue to expand our capacity to ensure our customers remain secure and available.

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