Leverage APIsec and RedShield together to secure your APIs


Find security vulnerabilities or logic flaws in your APIs - then fix them. 

We're offering a free API penetration test and vulnerability remediation bundle, so organizations can discover and rapidly address their API vulnerabilities.

What you'll get

  • A complete assessment of your API(s)
  • Expert-verification of vulnerabilities identified
  • Vulnerabilities addressed with Shields, deployed via RedShield reverse proxy
  • An advanced shielding plan to address complex vulnerabilities

Offer details

What does the complete assessment of your API include?

APIsec will:

  • Automatically generate security and logic tests
  • Assess every endpoint in your API
  • Evaluate the entire OWASP API Top 10
  • Provide a complete report with all findings
How does the process work?

Complete the form, and you'll receive a complete report in 24 hours from APIsec covering all findings.

After the report has been delivered, RedShield will assess the findings, then deploy relevant shields with zero code touch, and zero impact on production traffic.

RedShield will present a report of trial findings, and if any logic flaw vulnerabilities are identified that require custom shield creation, develop and present an advanced shielding plan for consideration.

After the trial report is presented, RedShield configuration can be left in place for an additional three weeks (or longer as agreed) for customer testing. 

What do I need to get started?

Provide us with your API details and complete the free trial form and we’ll be in touch with further details on set up.