From the 'head of red tape’ to company rockstar — How RedShield transforms the role of the CISO


In a world under attack by cybercriminals, every CISO is under pressure to decide where best to invest their time and effort. Coupled with that, compliance mandates in recent years have become more prevalent and ever more resource intensive to address. Each standard has hundreds of requirements, meaning a considerable amount of time and effort is required to meet them.

With growing risks and compliance requirements increasing, the speed of security processes inevitably slows. This has an impact on all areas of a business. With RedShield, it doesn’t have to be that way.


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When it comes to web application vulnerabilities, no organisation is perfect

To meet your business demands developers need to write code faster than ever before. Although you have complete trust in them, history shows that it's almost guaranteed that at some point you, one of your vendors, or a third party, will have a bug discovered in an applications code which could leave your organisation vulnerable. Code that may be declared secure today can have a new vulnerability discovered in it tomorrow.

As CISO, you are presented with a couple of questions. What is the likelihood of us patching every Internet-facing system, always? And second, what is the likelihood of us developing perfect code without a single bug?

Just buying another security tool is not the answer

There are thousands of different security tools available to you as a CISO, yet do you feel ‘secure’? Managing vulnerability risks is no longer a tool problem and many CISO’s have a bad case of tool overload. For effective vulnerability management you need the people and processes able to implement, set up and configure tools. Then, keeping those tools tuned, relevant, managed and measurably effective.

But with a global shortage of IT security professionals and skilled developers, CISO’s face a task-prioritization battle, pitting risk against resources.

RedShield solves the people problem, using shields serviced by supervised AI

With RedShield’s fully managed application security solution, you can drive efficiency, speed, and eliminate cyber risk, while staying focused on your priorities.

We buy you time to respond to threats to application and API security by using custom shields, deployed on a function as a service (FaaS) platform and serviced by supervised AI that does all of the heavy lifting to ensure your application vulnerabilities are made undiscoverable

Delivered as an outcome, you get time, choice & flexibility to manage your security and development operation the way you want. And we ensure that you’ll remain compliant with NIST 800-53 and ISO 27001 standards. We’ve got your back.

Rapid vulnerability risk removal, at your service

Just point us at the vulnerabilities identified through web application penetration test findings or a vulnerability scanner. Our shields apply fixes specific to your applications and modify application behavior. Shields are a Function as a Service (FaaS) that are designed to fix an otherwise exploitable vulnerability in an application, without touching a line of code. While baseline signatures block common attacks, shields address complex known issues. Shields are built to modify or transform requests and/or responses in the traffic flow to either make the vulnerability undiscoverable or nullify the associated exploit.

Shields can be up within hours, and we’ll leave them in place for as long as you need. We are constantly adding to our library of 14,000+ shields, so if there isn’t already a shield to remove the risk of your vulnerability, we’ll write a new one and deploy it in hours.

Shielding gives you choice, flexibility and effectiveness

With your application vulnerabilities made undiscoverable with shields, you get time, choice & flexibility to run your security and development operations the way you want. 

  • Shielding ensures that you keep up with the speed of which exploits emerge following the publication of a vulnerabilities. No more risk acceptance. 
  • Shielding improves the flow of the development cycle by ensuring devs are no longer interrupted by urgent, unplanned  fixes - they can focus on releasing new code to production.
  • Shielding allows you to defer costly upgrades and extend the life of valuable legacy or third party applications. Shield's apply specific fixes to any app, without touching a line of code.

Shielding allows you to simultaneously reduce security risk, improve resource allocation and speed up development & DX. As CISO, building shielding into your security operation will give your organisation a competitive advantage.