Imagine if web application security was easy?

We shield your known vulnerabilities, without touching your application’s code.

What we do

At RedShield we’re about measurably removing your web application security risks. 

Our team of security experts follow a step-by-step best practice process that starts with the applications in your risk register, before moving onto your remaining threat surface and the source of your attacks. So you stay secure, we monitor your environment 24/7 and continually fine-tune the security measures we have put in place.

1. Fix known issues

Remove application vulnerabilities identified in your organisation’s Risk Register and development backlog.

We correct how your applications behave by placing customised code objects, Shields, in front of your applications.

2. Stop Hacks, not transactions

Protect your remaining threat surface without impacting on your customers’ experience.

We detect and block the constantly evolving barrage of malicious traffic without blocking your customers.


3. Hunt and ban attackers

Detect, verify, and block attackers’ access to your applications, blacklisting them so their attacks and reconnaissance efforts totally cease.

It doesn’t matter whether the activities are from bots or humans – we stop them cold.

The steps to watertight application security

Why choose RedShield

  • Fix web app vulnerabilities without touching a line of code or affecting functionality
  • Infrastructure protected by an aggregate of the world’s largest DDoS scrubbing centers, with over 12Tbps capacity
  • Globally distributed network, peering with over 1,500 ISPs and deployable to over 180 datacenters
  • Fully managed, 24/7/365 risk reduction service, proactively monitored and maintained
  • A full suite of protection, threat analysis, and ongoing audit functions
  • Ongoing visibility and reporting for your business in a custom dashboard
  • Assurance of ISO 27001 Information Security Certified Processes




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What our customers are saying

“Don’t put anything important facing the internet unless it is behind RedShield.”

Dan Bowden

CISO, Sentara Healthcare


RedShield Named 2021 TAG Cyber Distinguished Vendor

RedShield, specialists in web application shielding, has been named as a ‘Distinguished Vendor’ in TAG Cyber’s 2021 Security Annual. Released on September 22, the accolade in the Security Annual makes RedShield part of an elite industry collective supporting the...

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