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RedShield has partnered with no.1 cloud provider AWS to create a next generation architecture that offers unparalleled DDoS protection as part of RedShield’s service.

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  • Vulnerabilities are a problem

    Security vulnerabilities in your applications are a significant risk to your organization. They can be exploited by third parties to steal sensitive information, damaging your reputation and potentially resulting in large fines.
  • The problem isn't going away

    Fixing vulnerabilities is time-consuming and expensive, and as a result, often gets delayed, deprioritized, or even ignored - leaving you unnecessarily exposed and unable to get on with business.
  • RedShield solves the problem

    Shields remediate your applications' vulnerabilities at speed and scale, meaning your security and development teams can focus on revenue-generating work.

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RedShield provides multiple benefits for security leaders, developers and analysts alike


From the ‘head of red tape’ to company rockstar — learn how RedShield transforms the role of the CISO.

For developers

Ship secure software faster with our web application and API security solution that supports application developers.

Our global partners

“The journey with RedShield has been excellent. Everyone we’ve engaged with is very knowledgeable, and they are extremely responsive. It’s what we needed to help navigate the ever-changing digital landscape”

Patrick Wake, Head of Information Security at FDM Group

"Don't put anything important on the internet, unless it is behind RedShield."

Daniel Bowden, CISO, Sentara Healthcare

“Thanks to RedShield, we’ve significantly improved the overall security, attack prevention, traffic management and remediation capabilities of our cloud-based workforce management solutions – without hiring a single security operations person.”

Ian Hogg, CEO, ShopWorks

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