23rd December 2016 - RedShield Completes Series A Funding Round of $6.2 million

Leading web-application protection specialist, RedShield Security Ltd, today announced it has successfully raised NZD $6.2 million as part of a Series A funding round from Sage Technologies Ltd - the technology venture of investment manager and QuantRes founder Harald McPike.

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16th November 2016 - RedShield wins iSANZ Security Company of the Year

RedShield is a Kiwi-owned fully managed service cybersecurity provider that has just won big at the latest iSANZ Awards. With a continuous Find-Manage-Fix-Monitor programme, the company says it can fix almost all detected issues, including logic flaws. They do this by fixing old, new or third party applications without clients' developers writing a single line of code.

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18th November 2015 - RedShield Appoints Kordia as Australasian Agent

RedShield is delighted to announce that as part of Kordia's acquisition of our sister company, Aura Information Security (announced Wednesday 18th November, 2015), Kordia will become an agent for the RedShield web application shielding service in New Zealand and Australia. This key development will further enhance the provision of services to RedShield's reseller channel.

"Having Kordia as our Australasian partner will significantly grow our Trans-Tasman presence and capability, and will help to assist and accelerate RedShield’s global growth,” says Andy Prow, CEO of RedShield, and previously CEO of Aura Information Security.

"RedShield is perfectly poised to address the dangerous threats posed by malicious cyber attacks and we have dedicated nodes in New Zealand, Australia and the USA to do just that. Following our recent appointment to the New Zealand Government's TaaS panel we're also part of the collective effort to shield their Internet-facing systems and protect the information of all New Zealanders. We're firmly committed to achieving that goal, whilst also seeking to shield the world's highest value, most vulnerable websites and web-apps," he adds.

13th November 2015 - RedShield to shield all of New Zealand Government

RedShield is both proud and excited about its selection to shield New Zealand Government's web-sites and web-based applications from cyber-attack. RedShield will be providing Secure Application Publishing to the New Zealand Government via the new TaaS program. We take this role very seriously, as part of the wider effort to further strengthen New Zealand’s online systems, and look forward to assisting.

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Website Shielding as a Service

RedShield provides the most advanced defence for your websites and web applications.

Baseline Application Change Tolerant Controls

RedShield applies a baseline DDoS and WAF configuration to each application. This baseline is continuously enhanced by our R&D team, plus it is specifically designed to allow your applications to change over time.

Application Change Managed Controls

Beyond the baseline we are guided by Vulnerability Intelligence. Just like in medicine where drugs are only prescribed when a relevant condition is diagnosed, we only apply advanced shield config if it is warranted. In these cases we actively monitor and manage the specific shields then engage in the application Software Delivery Lifecycle when appropriate.

At this point, we have implemented best practice in WAF and security controls management, however, given WAFs can’t address the vast majority of Logical Vulnerabilities, dev teams are typically left with a number of issues to address.

Custom Developed Controls

Using a programmable interception proxy, RedShield can manipulate application logic during an application session to mitigate advanced technical and logical vulnerabilities. Advanced shielding is scoped and charged in addition to base services. In general, it delivers the same results as fixing code, but is much faster and less expensive. With this addition, RedShield is the first web shielding service able to target 100% mitigation of discovered vulnerabilities.

If your Websites / Web-Applications

  • • Are high value or business critical
    • Have been compromised
  • • Failed a penetration test or have
    known vulnerabilities
    • Are hard, time consuming and expensive
    to fix

Then you absolutely need to find out how RedShield can shield your applications now. Thanks to RedShield, many of our customers have fully passed their previously failed pen-tests and scans and now have zero public facing vulnerabilities, all without having to write a single line of new code or make any alterations to their existing systems.

Secure portal

Secure portal

Our Portal centralises all your vulnerability, shield and attack information and facilitates communication with our consultants who review your results daily.

Designed for
all environments

Designed for all environments

Corporate, Cloud, Hosted or On-Premise: we've designed features to make finding and shielding vulnerabilities cost effective, fast & easy.

Supervised by experts

Supervised by experts

Our Security Operations Center and web-security experts monitor all alerts. On-the-go? Real-time vulnerability and attack information is at your fingertips 24/7

Solving Real
world problems

Using our advanced scanning
and shielding technologies

Our award winning service is designed to target 100% test driven vulnerability mitigation for web applications. Our theory is that 99% secure is still 100% vulnerable. You wouldn't go to sea in a 99% watertight boat; we suggest your web-apps should be as secure

  • Find & resolve OWASP Top 10 issues
  • Find & resolve complex security issues
  • Comply with PCI-DSS requirements
  • Handle large scale DDoS attacks
  • Succeed where other WAF solutions fail
  • Simple setup for fast protection
  • High performance scanning & shielding
  • 24/7 security operations & support
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