We are the world's first web application shielding-with-a-service cybersecurity company.

RedShield challenges the status quo of secure software and code remediation through web application shielding and expert security operations services.

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Shielding Lifecycle


Understand Known Issues
& Test Base Policies


Reroute Traffic & Build
Advanced Shielding Plans


Develop & Deploy
Advanced Shield Objects



Relevant threat and prevented exploit reporting.

Baseline threat scanning and shield auditing.

Continuous shield testing and optimization.

How Shielding Works


Industry Leading Research


Exclusive Vulnerability Intelligence Database


Level 0 to 5 Shielding


24/7 Threat Analysis & Attack Reporting

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Always out front of malicious behavior.

The RedShield research team continually monitors, examines and reports on global exploits and exploit-related trends and activity.

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Real world examples of RedShield in action

Learn more about how RedShield works through this comprehensive collection of case studies.

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Thought Leadership

From the minds of the RedShield team, here's what we're thinking about what's going on out there.


Your AI WAF is leaving you 100% vulnerable...

RedShield's Scott Fletcher explains why your AI WAF is leaving you vulnerable.

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Cryptojacking – Browser cryptocurrency mining

With the rise of cryptocurrency, Cryptojacking attacks have risen more than 1200% over the past few months in the UK alone.

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Shared Responsibility

Redefining The AWS Shared Responsibility Model

Businesses are overwhelming realizing the benefits of adopting cloud infrastructure strategies.

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Digital Disaster

Deflecting Digital Transformation Disaster

Chances are you’ve heard about this Digital Dog that’s been unceremoniously digging in all of our yards?

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Human Pen Testers

Why you need human pentesters

Why humans matter in penetration testing and automated tools are not sufficient.

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Questions raised by Wannacry: Should governments stockpile vulnerabilities for their own use, and not disclose them to vendors. Are vendors are responsible for security updates for systems that are at the end of life stage. Why it is that people / organizations fail to patch or upgrade their operating systems.

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Ready Up

Into the cyber-way fray: RedShield

SAAS with a twist helps RedShield stand out in a tough global market niche. Concentrate talked to Founder and CEO Andy Prow of RedShield, the company that won both the best product and best service categories at the 2017 New Zealand Hi-Tech Awards.

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Solution Architect

The SA will be responsible for Pre-sales activity in the defined territory.