Why RedShield?

Customers around the world rely on RedShield to remove the risk of web application vulnerabilities. Using the new approach of shielding application vulnerabilities, we work with a variety of organisations and people in different job roles to solve cyber security’s toughest problems.

By role

RedShield provides multiple benefits for security leaders, developers and analysts alike.


From the head of ‘red tape’ to company rockstar — learn how RedShield transforms the CISO role.

For developers

Ship secure software faster with web application and API security solution to support Developers.

By industry

Our solutions are proven across many industries, including the most high-risk ones.

For government

Protect your citizens and extend the lifetime value of your legacy applications.

For healthcare

Safeguard patients' Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and protect your bottom line.

For finance

Protect your clients' personal data and ensure complete integrity with every transaction.

Our approach

Applications are constantly changing and so too are the vulnerabilities and exploits they carry with them. Taking our ‘shield with-a-service’ approach, you get bespoke technology, run by a team of experts who deliver an outcome - your business continuity, regardless of any cyber attack.
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Our global network

Performance, availability, and resilience of your business-critical applications is of utmost importance. RedShield’s world-class system architecture, in concert with our global ecosystem of provider networks, has protected our customers from some of the world’s largest and most sustained attacks.
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"Not sure why anyone would do it themselves these days."

 - Telco Executive

“RedShield are truly experts in deploying application security controls.”

- Government Agency Executive

We're very heavy into application shielding – that's how we stay alive until we have an influx of funding to make a major change, major investment, or technology transition.

Solomon Adote, Chief Security Officer at State of Delaware

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