Established in 2009 and headquartered in London, ShopWorks is one of the fastest growing cloud-based workforce management solution providers in Europe and aiming for number one globally. Their solutions help businesses save as much as 7% on staff costs.





The challenge

Two years ago ShopWorks decided that to achieve their business goals and meet market demands for their services, they needed a more flexible and reliable cloud infrastructure capable of scaling at pace.

Following evaluation, Amazon Web Services came out on top of their list, and was chosen as the provider for hosting of the ShopWorks infrastructure. During the migration, ShopWorks performed an ISO 27001 audit assessment and improvements in their security framework were identified in order to fully to protect their customers, employee personal data and the millions of pounds of payroll data they processed every night.

“On balance, building our own security operations centre didn’t make good business sense – it’s not core business and cost was a factor”, explains Ian Hogg, CEO. “Our choice was do we hire dedicated engineers working 24x7 in shifts, or pay someone a monthly fee to look after us?”. So, ShopWorks went to market to search for a solution.

“Thanks to RedShield, we’ve significantly improved the overall security, attack prevention, traffic management and remediation capabilities of our cloud-based workforce management solutions – without hiring a single security operations person.”

—Ian Hogg, CEO, ShopWorks

The solution

The ShopWorks evaluated all the major web application security providers in the market and then came across RedShield. “RedShield came highly recommended and they made web-application security look easy and their unique approach just seemed logical”.

“Unlike other providers, RedShield gave us confidence that they could detect and prevent known vulnerabilities to secure our web applications. And they could do so without impacting our customer’s experience by shielding vulnerabilities without touching our applications code.”

The experience

The RedShield team reviewed the ShopWorks situation and immediately deployed shields to secure initial applications. Once activated, the ShopWorks team familiarized themselves with the dashboards and decided to roll out RedShield further.

“Once we were comfortable with the information provided and could see how much unwelcome and potentially problematic traffic our sites were attracting, we very quickly rolled it out across our other systems migrating customers one by one.”

The result

Since transitioning to AWS and implementing Reshield, ShopWorks now have a much more secure, agile business that’s set for growth at scale. The implementation of the RedShield security layer is fully automated with every new customer deployment.

  • Customers can take confidence that the ShopWorks infrastructure is proactively monitored, protected and managed by security experts 24/7
  • ShopWorks DevOps team now have instant visibility on any new vulnerabilities and can remediate them very quickly
  • All application security risks are mitigated

“We now have a secure system that’s completely cutting edge and our customers are confident that their data is protected. In a fast paced market with regulatory concerns like GDPR, this provides a strong competitive advantage.”

—Ian Hogg, CEO, ShopWorks

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