We have a duty to protect the end user

99% fixed is still 100% vulnerable

Our story

Founded in New Zealand, owned and operated by an experienced team of penetration testers and security technologists, RedShield has become known for taking on the security challenges that no one else will.

Why? While we serve our customer’s business interests, we believe it is our duty to protect the end user.

Because they pay the price when security fails.

So, we developed tools to rapidly shield any vulnerabilities in your applications – to protect your users – and created a cybersecurity team that is as skilled, organised, and persistent as the cybercriminals that target you.

Our vision

To be known the world over for protecting connected people.

Our mission

To shield the web from dark forces protecting all of its connected people and things.

Our promise

We deliver proven security operations, tools, and proprietary shielding micro-services that save our customers time, money, and ensure secure business operations.

Because everything is connected, and connection is everything.

Our partners