Fire drill your DDoS Response

Put your organization and business-critical applications to the test with simulated Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.

The ROI of a DDoS attack makes it attractive to adversaries


For 1-day DDoS service bought on the dark web (Trend Micro)


Average cost to business per hour of downtime (Gartner)

DDoS Defensive Controls Testing

Application performance capabilities and traffic limits often do not match what they can handle in a real situation – particularly if targeted with sophisticated application-layer attacks.

Penetration tests almost always exclude DDoS and stress/load testing, so the only true way to validate the effectiveness of your controls is through DDoS testing.

Simulating current DDoS attack types and trends we see on a daily basis, RedShield uses bots hosted on partner platforms to measure the efficacy and limitations of your preventative controls and the ability of your team and service providers to respond.

Starting small and ramping up, this service includes full reporting on the strengths and weaknesses of your environments, giving you a clear roadmap for improving your resilience and raising the bar to make you a hard target for attack.

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Service inclusions

  • Up to 15 discrete tests or 4 hours in a single engagement
  • Volumetric, protocol, and application floods
  • Validation of the exact traffic limits your apps can handle
  • Full reporting on strengths and weaknesses, giving you a roadmap to improve resilience

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