Following recent warnings from the Australian Prime Minister about sophisticated cyber attacks being targeted at Australia by ‘state actors’, we wanted to share information on RedShield’s unique capabilities as a solution to the current threats.

The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) has noted in their latest report that initial access through the exploitation of public-facing infrastructure was the most common attack vector. They observed the exploitation of remote code execution vulnerabilities in Telerik UI (CVE-2019-18935), Microsoft IIS, Citrix ADC/NetScaler (CVE-2019-19781), and Microsoft SharePoint (CVE-2019-0604).

In their report, the ACSC states that “All exploits utilised by the actor in the course of this campaign were publicly known and had patches or mitigations available. Organisations should ensure that security patches or mitigations are applied to internet facing infrastructure within 48 hours. Additionally organisations, where possible, should use the latest versions of software and operating systems.”

Now for many organisations, this 48 hour timeframe to patch is unfeasible. However, RedShield has developed unique shields (code objects) for the above specific highlighted vulnerabilities that can be deployed immediately to eliminate these risks. RedShield can deploy the shield patches without touching your application’s code or infrastructure and can do so within 48 hours.

Our shielding process modifies the way applications work at a technical level, without compromising their functionality. We keep you safe, and we keep you working.

If you have been hacked and need urgent help to get back online, or are curious about how your business can be protected with RedShield, request a callback and one of our Solution Architects will reach out to you.

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