The banking & finance sector is one of the most

targeted by hackers

What can you do to make sure
you’re not a statistic?


Our proprietary Shields are unique pieces of compiled code that effectively erase the existence of any vulnerabilities in your applications.

Service models

How do we go about protecting your organisation? We have a multi-prong approach to ensure that your applications are optimally protected.

How a tier-one bank was rescued from false optimism

After a 3-year program of work, the bank was ready to assess their WAF deployment…

They had worked closely with a ‘magic quadrant’ vendor to optimize the solution. After testing was conducted, the WAF only detected 3% of SQLi attacks and 52% of the XSS attempts. Not good…

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Banking & Finance Artefacts

Equifax Breach Timeline

Mega-Breach discovered July 2017 September 2017 Equifax disclosed a mega-breach of its systems, carried out though exploitation of a ... Read more

Effective And Compatible Protection Replacement Of MQ Cloud WAF

THE SITUATION After 3 year program of work, a tier-one APAC bank was ready to assess the effectiveness of their WAF deployment that had Read more

Brazilian Crime Syndicate Cardwashing Attack

THE SITUATION As a payment transaction company processing millions of commercial transactions each day, ensuring the security of ... Read more

Using A Server Side Interception Proxy To Fix (Not Block) an SQL Injection

THE SITUATION During a routine application penetration test an SQL injection vulnerability was discovered for a public banking ... Read more

Changing App Logic To Address A Password Reuse Attack

THE SITUATION Late one afternoon, it became apparent that customers of a loyalty card service were being targeted by password reuse ... Read more

Failed Pen Test Takes Critical App Offline

THE SITUATION A massive UK organisation performed a penetration test on a critical internet facing application. The 15 year old ... Read more

Serving The Public Sector By Avoiding A Security-Mandated Platform Upgrade

THE SITUATION When public sector entities merge, IT system harmony and cost reductions are the order of the day; especially when the ... Read more

Deployment Of A Redshield Private Node In The Cloud

THE SITUATION For large payment transaction providers, policy and regulatory requirements must be met while simultaneously optimizing ... Read more

Shielding The Harvest Of Online Offers

THE SITUATION Online offers boost sales – no doubt. This company publishes online offers on specific dates and site visitors validate ... Read more

Loss Of PCI Accreditation

THE SITUATION As a payment transaction company processing millions of commercial transactions each day, maintaining the appropriate ... Read more

Post Breach Protection of A Financial Portal

THE SITUATION In the financial portfolio management business, the customer web portal is both critical to business continuity and ... Read more

API Protection Between Financial Institutions

THE SITUATION A large insurance company was introducing a new application platform where their digital insurance products were to be ... Read more

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