RedShield Fundamentals

RedShield Fundamentals

The Challenge

With cyber-crime now bigger than the drug trade, criminal organizations are treating data breaches in a structured fashion. They have teams maintaining current knowledge of the latest published exploits and others researching zero-day exploits. This knowledge is feed into increasingly sophisticated tools to assist their attack teams to exploit discovered flaws in your applications. The goal is often to steal data from any organization and later determine whether this data is valuable.

For these speculative breach organizations there is the classic fiscal imperative to minimize the cost of exploit. Hence they use a number of Web Application and API hygiene indicators to quickly assess their probability of success.

The first security goal is to ensure that these factors are addressed across your entire perimeter, protecting you from known automated exploit tools and thereby making your organization an expensive target.


Spiral Up with Upguard and RedShield

A number of Insurance providers use the Upguard tool to assess the probability of exploit of a company’s Web and API perimeter during the underwriting process. For prospects that do not meet the required threshold (600/950) the RedShield Fundamentals service can be placed in path to rapidly and safely meet the threshold. RedShield’s expert lead, highly automated service provides the security engineers, analysts, researchers, developers operating state of the art tools to deliver the hygiene required. But this is just the start, from this point more advanced risk discovery and mitigation can commence.


  Shielding Lifecycle; Start simple, spiral upwards




1. 10 sub-domains per domain
2. Single SSL cert per domain, either SAN or Wildcard. SNI incurs an additional fee.
3. 2Mbps per domain, an additional 10Mbps per domain can be purchased.
4. Each domain can select one RedShield Datacentre as Primary and other as Secondary.
5. RedShield RPA service interaction will be with CyberMSP. Hence CyberMSP will receive portal logins, analyst reports, and service notifications. RedShield will integrate with CyberMSP ‘s change and incident processes.

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May 25, 2020