IT Healthcare News recently produced a feature article on Sentara Healthcare and how they have rapidly secured their applications through the use of shielding technology. Through working with RedShield, Sentara Healthcare are now an industry leader for both security and digital transformation - two areas of work that are often seen as opposite forces. 

The article follows Sentara's journey to adopt a consumerization and digital transformation strategy. They recognised that their patients are now skilled at using technology for accessing numerous retail services – and now use their mobile phones for self-diagnosis and to seek healthcare service. 

As CISO, Daniel Bowden's job is to make sure that Sentara innovates and matures its security services in step with the organization's digital transformation journey. Not only is it assumed the CISO's team is developing and releasing secure systems, it is hoped that they do not "get in the way" of progress and speed to market.

Faced with the challenge of rapidly achieving secure digital transformation, Daniel Bowden sought help from RedShield. 

“What interested me was that they have a blend of truly unique technology, wrapped in an expert service. Their tech takes WAF to another level. They do initially block attacks and bad traffic heading to our web apps, just like a WAF, but then add a fully programmable layer where they can insert fully functional code in front of the apps.”

Daniel Bowden, CISO, Sentara Healthcare

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