A look at past, current, and future cyber security challenges for UK organisations.

In an increasingly inter-connected world, cyber security has rapidly moved up the agenda for both government and businesses in the UK. The cost of cyber attacks is now estimated at approximately £26 billion in the UK and attacks are becoming more frequent and sophisticated. This is having a real impact on not just organisations, but everyday people.

At the same time, UK regulatory requirements continue to grow and become ever more resource-intensive to address. Consequently, security professionals are under pressure to decide where best to invest their limited time and effort. But alongside the risks there are opportunities.

Join our expert industry panelists to learn about the real impacts of cyber crime and the existing and emerging challenges in UK cyber security. Speakers will also share their experiences in solving some of the most pressing issues as well as their thoughts on how you can ensure you have the right technology, people, and processes in place to meet tomorrow’s challenges.

- Simon Newman, Head of Cyber and Business Services, UK Police Crime Prevention Initiatives (PCPI)
- Ian Hogg, Chairman and CEO, Shopworks & FastP.A.Y.E.
- Patrick Wake, Global Head of Information Security, FDM Group
- Kim Bilderback, Vice President, RedShield

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