Today we are announcing that we're leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud computing capabilities to scale our web application security services, and launch next-generation architecture for DDoS mitigation.

Next-generation architecture

RedShield’s specialised web application security service is focused on effectiveness. The next generation architecture gives RedShield greater configuration and control access, allowing the company to more accurately block malicious traffic for its customers, without disrupting their legitimate users. In addition, RedShield will use AWS Global Accelerator, a networking service that improves the performance of users’ traffic by up to 60% using AWS's global network infrastructure, allowing RedShield to deliver its solutions to customers with greater speed and reliability.


The new architecture is now available to all new and existing clients in Australia and NZ, with US and Rest of World availability from September.


RedShield service and tech architecture (1)

“With AWS’s industry-leading infrastructure, RedShield’s new service architecture will provide customers with unparalleled global reach, capacity and performance,” says Fabian Partigliani, Chief Executive Officer at RedShield. “Working with AWS gives RedShield the ability to mitigate significant application layer DDoS attacks, helping industry leaders adopt best practices and security architectures.”

By scaling their expert web application security services on AWS cloud, RedShield can better respond to the changing threat landscape where DDoS attacks are increasingly sophisticated. Traditional volumetric attacks continue to grow in size, while more advanced application layer attacks can now be launched at scale. Two years ago, the largest attacks peaked at 300,000 HTTPS requests per second - today it has increased to over 1 million HTTPS requests per second.

“The threat landscape continues to evolve and organisations need scale, power and always on capabilities. We're excited to see RedShield scale their expertise with AWS's already secure cloud computing environment to provide a new level of defense that delivers a greater experience for our customers,"

Amir Bashir, Chief Technology Officer at Simplicity., a RedShield customer

RedShield's new architecture includes always-on state-of-the-art DDoS defense capabilities, with auto-detection and auto-scaling attack mitigation. If an attack occurs, the system recognises the volume of the attack and scales protection to meet the threat traffic head on.

“Our ability to remove web application security risks continues to improve. Using AWS enables us to secure enterprises and their mission-critical applications with unprecedented flexibility, speed and scale. With AWS’s services and always on DDoS protection bolstering RedShield’s already strong defences, we can deliver a better experience for end users. This is a win-win for our customers,” says Partigliani.

An ISV partner, RedShield is also launching its enhanced web application security service on AWS Marketplace, a curated digital catalogue that makes it easy for organisations across the world to discover, procure, entitle, provision, and govern third-party software. Levering AWS Marketplace, RedShield will have instant access to more than 310,000 monthly active users around the world who can now easily find, buy, deploy, and manage their security services.

"RedShield is a great example of an organisation that continually innovates to meet the evolving security needs of its customers, and we are thrilled to support their expansion through the AWS Marketplace. At AWS, our priority is to provide the highest levels of security, compliance, and resilience, to enable organisations like RedShield to innovate faster and deploy security technologies globally in a matter of minutes,"

Sumal Karunanayake, Head of Partner Success, AWS, Australia and New Zealand.

“Being listed in AWS Marketplace is another step for RedShield in its mission to deliver stronger web application cybersecurity services to more enterprises, providing them with the power and peace of mind of RedShield's platform," says Partigliani.


For further architecture details, click here to download RedShield's Platform Technical Overview document


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