Following from our release of the new Performance Dashboard in the RedShield Portal, today we are excited to add new self service feature that makes it easier for Portal Administrators to add new applications. 

Introducing App Onboarding

Under the new 'Apps' section in the RedShield Portal, where you can see service performance, users with the Administrator role will now see a new blue button in the right bottom corner - "Add a new application".

Check out the demo video

3 Basic Steps

1. Submit the form to add an app

Simply provide basic details of the app you want to be added and choose whether you wish to provide a SSL certificate via our uploader, or if you like us to automatically generate one. Then submit the form.

2. View submissions via 'Pending Applications' tab

Once the form is submitted, you see the app listed under 'Pending Applications'. Submission also kicks off our internal process and engineers will begin deployment. A service ticket will also be raised for any additional communications. 

3. Add SSL certificates (optional)

If you selected the option for providing your own SSL certificate, you can then do so by accessing the SSL uploader in the pending applications area. 

Keen to re-familiarize yourself with the Portal?

Keen to see understand your attack traffic, see what vulnerabilities are shielded or you want to streamline your updates? The Portal is the place to go and you can find a range of walk through guides for specific areas  in the RedShield support area here

But if you would like a personalized walk through session, please email and we'll arrange a time with one of our experts. 

And don't worry if you can't remember your login details, simply enter your email in the login area here and select forgot password. Failing that please raise a support ticket here and a member of our team will work with you to supply credentials.

RedShield Portal Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What training support is available to get the most out of the Portal?
    You can view an updated demonstration video that focuses on the new enhancements that have been added. You can also book a personalized Portal demo session any time by emailing
  2. We can’t seem to find our Portal login details, how can I get access?
    If you have an account but cannot remember your credentials, navigate to the Portal login page, enter your email address and click forgot password. Follow the prompts to update your password and log in. To create an account, email and we'll set one up for you.
  3. The Portal data provided doesn’t seem accurate, how can I raise an issue? 
    If you notice an issue with data validity, please email to raise a ticket and one of our engineers will investigate.
  4. Do I need to pay for this?
    No - it is already included in the RedShield service.

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