Deployment Of A Redshield Private Node In The Cloud

Deployment Of A Redshield Private Node In The Cloud


For large payment transaction providers, policy and regulatory requirements must be met while simultaneously optimizing cost. Moving server processing to the cloud offered the promise of both, but a security solution that met specific requirements was the lynchpin. As a current vendor, RedShield was asked to participate in the search for the right solution.



As part of the search process and due to their specific policy requirements, RedShield proposed a private RedShield node within AWS, where RedShield would on-sell (pass through costs) the component resource costs (server resource, vendor AMIs, bandwidth etc.) in an open-book fashion. Other RedShield cloud resources would be used where possible (scanners, portals, secure upload servers etc.) to optimize costs.

Once established, RedShield would use its existing experts to run the node in parallel with all other RedShield Nodes, with the provision that this node was for the restricted use of this customer’s services. In the final round of the search, after requesting and receiving pen testing data, RedShield further refined the proposal to include specific Shields to protect detected flaws. RedShield was selected for the project.

“I’ve enjoyed working with RedShield and am glad we chose them, there was pressure to go with a bigger SI, but the successful project is testament to the benefits of choosing specialists.”



The build of the RedShield solution commenced. It was complete in days. The private node and dependent application shielding services commenced operation. Various periodic audit rounds have been successfully completed, and due to the dedicated nature of the active components of the solution, the RedShield node and the application target evaluated can be considered one-in-the-same. As a result, issues that RedShield addresses are considered addressed in the application

May 21, 2020