Case studies

To understand how RedShield might be able to assist with your AppSec requirements, explore some of our successes that map to your requirements.

Post Breach Protection of A Financial Portal

THE SITUATION In the financial portfolio management business, the customer web portal is both critical to business continuity and customer experience and expensive to modify. All changes must be technically and commercially audited to protect customer information and...

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API Protection Between Financial Institutions

THE SITUATION A large insurance company was introducing a new application platform where their digital insurance products were to be white-labeled to partner bank websites. APIs were the integration solution of choice. Trust, monitoring, and security were all high on...

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Sharepoint Security Controls

In the 2 years since deployment, the profile has remained in blocking mode and not a single false positive has been reported.
To date, RedShield deployments are cumulatively running at a 0.0002% false positive rate which is 2-3 orders of magnitude better than the industry. The RedShield average reported false positive resolution time is running at 15mins.

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Application Redevelopment – An Alternative

THE SITUATION A large, national health insurance provider conducted a routine penetration test on a critical web application uncovering a critical flaw. Further investigation revealed the following: Blocking exploit traffic with a WAF was not technically possible...

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